My Services.....

My clients can either be smaller businesses who need support as they grow, or more established businesses looking to improve the way they work. I work closely with clients to improve effectiveness by providing four key services.


Coaching can help to increase personal effectiveness by allowing individuals to explore alternative approaches, identify barriers to success and plan for action to achieve new or different outcomes.

This is usually a series of one-to-one sessions over a number of months, either face-to-face, over the telephone or via Skype. The initial meeting may involve the client’s manager or sponsor to scope up the likely outcomes. 



Team Development....

Working in a great team can be a very satisfying experience. Effective teams work together to achieve a common purpose, understand each-others’ roles and manage conflict well.

Facilitation of team development usually consists of an objective assessment of the current team dynamic followed by an event(s) to support the team in agreeing actions to improve its teamwork and performance. This support can be particularly valuable as a new team forms or for more established teams during a period of growth or changes in structure.

HR Consultancy....

There are three key aspects to my HR consultancy:

  • Performance Management – getting the best for the business through people

  • Talent Management – career and succession planning for the future

  • Training & Development – deciding how and where to invest time and money


HR Support

HR Interim....

Providing specific or more general HR support for a defined time, either as an extra resource during a period of change or to cover for absence such as maternity leave.